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Setting a new standard in minimally-invasive fat reduction, Ultra Lipo Treatment is a pioneering method of melting fat cells to offer you a naturally-contoured body shape. By utilizing triple wavelength technology, Ultra Lipo Treatment besides getting rid of unwanted fat cells in the body, also results in skin tightening in order to reveal a more beautiful and younger you. Cosmed Clinic is a pioneer when it comes to Ultra Lipo Treatment in Mumbai. Read More What’s more, we have drastically reduced the overall Ultra Lipo Treatment cost in Mumbai, to make this technology available for the common person. We offer Ultra Lipo Treatment in Mira Road, which is one of the important hubs in Mumbai. Ultra Lipo Treatment is an alternative liposuction treatment which has the potential to get rid of male breasts, dangling arms in women, saddle bag bulges on the thighs, unsightly abdominal fat, and stubborn fat from other sections of the human body.Read Less

Ultra Lipo Treatment is definitely a game-changing, body-sculpting tool when a liposuction surgeon gets to work. Some of the benefits of Ultra Lipo Treatment are mentioned below.

Ultra Sound Liposuction Mumbai

This technique makes it more convenient in order to plan and schedule the surgical procedure. After administration of a local anaesthetic to the area that needs to be treated, the surgeon will make extremely tiny incisions near the area of treatment. Read More Because the laser probe is somewhat narrow, these should be hardly noticeable after healing, without requirement of any sutures. Our Ultra Lipo Treatment in Mumbai is a one-of-its-kind procedure with maximum advantages. To benefit the common person, we have slashed the Ultra Lipo Treatment cost in Mumbai. Therefore, if you are seeking Ultra Lipo Treatment, look no further than Ultra Lipo Treatment in Mira Road.Read Less

The laser probe is accurately inserted, and precise targeting is utilized to effectively rupture the fat cells with the potent laser energy. The tiny surrounding blood vessels will eventually gel upon contact with the laser, thus minimising the risk of excessive bleeding. Coagulation, too, occurs in surrounding tissues, which stimulate that natural production of collagen in the body and tightens the treated area’s skin surface. Ultra Lipo Treatment in Mumbai is a promising surgical cosmetic procedure indeed.Read More This technique is widely used to effectively treat smaller and more delicate areas of the body such as the face, neck, and chin. The procedure is also called “Lunch Hour Lipo” as it requires an extremely short recovery time. The entire procedure may last for an hour or two at the maximum. You need not lose sleep over Ultra Lipo Treatment cost in Mumbai, because we have made it affordable. Now, you can avail premier Ultra Lipo Treatment in Mira Road. The procedure is quicker in comparison with traditional liposuction. Thanks to Ultra Lipo Treatment, there is stimulation of collagen production which results in skin-tightening. The tightening can be seen almost instantaneously and continues to improve as the months go by. We, at Cosmed Clinic, follow the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy. What’s more, we educate the individual with all the knowledge available because we believe in completely transparent practices.Read Less