Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation in Mumbai

Breast Augmentation in Mumbai

Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure that helps to reshape and enhance the size of your breasts. Cosmed Clinic offers one-of-its-kind breast enlargement treatment in Mumbai. Many women feel that if they opt for a breast enlargement surgery, their confidence and self-esteem can improve. Arguably, breast enlargement is presently the most popular cosmetic procedure. Women, in general, experience enhanced self-image, improvement in sexual functioning, and enhanced inter-personal relationships after breast enlargement surgery. Read More Cosmed Clinic is renowned to offer the most advanced breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai thanks to our vast experience, unrivalled expertise, and highly qualified doctors. When it comes to breast augmentation in Mumbai, Cosmed Clinic offers pioneering services and excellent value for money. If you are seeking breast enlargement treatment in Mira Road, you need not look further than Cosmed Clinic. Regarding breast implant in Mumbai, we use only the best-of-the-best implants that are sourced from some of the leading manufacturers across the world. Breast enlargement, which is also known as breast augmentation or mammoplasty, is intended to increase the size of underdeveloped or small breasts. Breast enlargement surgery can additionally enhance and restore your breast volume through the use of breast implants. Let us learn more about this surgical procedure. Read Less

If you wish to know that you are a suitable candidate for breast enlargement treatment in Mumbai, you must fulfill one of the following five criteria.

Breast Implant in Mumbai

Cosmed Clinic is synonymous with breast augmentation in Mumbai. To successfully reach out to a wider audience, we have reduced the overall breast enlargement surgery cost in Mumbai. During the consultation phase, we will ask you the desired size and shape of your breast. This will make the surgeon’s job much easier because he knows your expectations. Read More Our surgeons will assess the size of your chest, the shape of your body, and determine if the results can be achieved realistically. Moreover, our surgeons will inform you about the approximate cup size that will increase later. In case of sagging breasts, you may receive a recommendation to undergo a “breast lift” in conjunction with breast enlargement. When it comes to breast augmentation in Mumbai, we have gone from strength to strength to emerge as the leading clinic in this exclusive field. We are perfectionists to the core, and this is evident in our practices and procedures. What’s more, we offer complete transparency regarding breast implant in Mumbai, making us the most reliable and trustworthy cosmetic clinic in Mumbai. Silicone implants are presently the most commonly used implants for breast augmentation. Silicone implants are classified into two types: gel and saline. Gel implants are a tad costlier in comparison with saline implants.Read Less

Breast augmentation is performed by making an incision below the breast at the inframammary crease or around the areola’s lower edge (peri-areolar) or within the axilla (axillary). Read More When it comes to the implant pocket, traditionally implants are successfully placed either behind the tissue of the breast (sub-mammary) or alternatively, under the pectoral muscle (sub-muscular). Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. In recent times, surgeons place the implant at the sub-facial pocket (under the pectoral muscle fascia), which is the most popular and recent technique practiced around the world. Sub-facial pocket offers advantages of both the sub-pectoral and sub-mammary pocket. The scar will be discretely hidden beneath the breast fold. When it comes to breast augmentation in Mumbai, you need not look further than Cosmed Clinic because we offer the most advanced procedures. Our client testimonials speak volumes about our breast enlargement treatment in Mumbai. If you are confused with regard to the type of breast implant in Mumbai, our panel of expert surgeons will be more than happy to clarify your doubts and resolve your queries. Our breast enlargement surgery cost in Mumbai is extremely affordable and cost-effective, which means you get excellent value for your money. We offer cutting-edge breast enlargement treatment in Mira Road, making us the bespoke choice for thousands of women who wish to augment their breasts.Read Less