Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Treatment in Mumbai

Chemical and Skin Peel Treatment in Mumbai

Skin flaws and imperfections can easily make an individual lose his or her self-esteem. Problems such as blemishes, scars, pigmentation, etc. especially on the face can turn out to be a nightmare. While there are plenty over-the-counter cosmetic creams, salon treatments etc. that can be easily availed, some skin problems are very stubborn, unresponsive, or persistent. We, Cosmed Clinic, offer state-of-the-art skin peel treatment in Mumbai. Our chemical peel treatment clinic in Mira Road caters to a diverse clientele because chemical peels are a quick, cheap, and safe option for skin problems be it mild or moderate cases that require prompt action. Read More The procedure of chemical peels involves applying a mild acid solution on the skin of the individual. The most common chemicals utilized in the procedure include phenol, TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and AHA/BHA (alpha/beta hydroxyl acids). Generally administered in the form of a medical facial, chemical peels improve skin texture and get rid of blemishes and superficial scars that may be present. The chemicals exfoliate the outermost skin layer and eventually reveal a fresher layer, which gives a glimpse of an enhanced skin tone and complexion. Chemical peel is among the oldest skincare procedures practiced across the world. Initially administered in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to help individuals develop radiant, smooth skin, the procedure was then adopted by modern cosmetologists. If you are on the lookout for such a treatment, our chemical peel treatment clinic in Mumbai is the preferred choice of thousands of individuals. Read Less

Skin Peel Treatment in Mumbai

Chemical peel treatment is suitable for the following skin conditions:-

  • Pigmentation: Due to the harmful effects of pollution and exposure to the sun, hormonal problems, drugs, burns, and many more, an increasing number of individuals are falling victim to skin pigmentation. In such cases, a chemical peel treatment can be of immense help.
  • Lightening of Complexion: If an individual’s skin tone becomes darker with the passage of time, chemical peel treatment can help to regain the original complexion.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: On account of clogged pores coupled with prolonged stress, your skin may begin to appear dull, with a lack of freshness. Through usage of a light or medium peel, you can enhance your skin glow and overall skin health.
  • Acne, Superficial post acne scars and marks: Chemical peels are also ideal to reduce the appearance of acne as well as superficial post acne scars and marks.

Our skin peel treatment in Mumbai is the most advanced and sophisticated procedure at par with cosmetic clinics across the world. Read More One of the many benefits of chemical peel treatment include improved skin texture. Besides eliminating blemishes and scars, the procedure brings up a fresh layer of skin that is radiant and smooth. Chemical peels are also effective in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles. By causing damage to the outermost skin layer through a chemical solution in a highly-controlled manner, the skin layer peels off. Firmer skin devoid of fine lines is exposed later. When it comes to skin peel treatment in Mumbai, Cosmed Clinic ranks among the best of the best. Our chemical peel treatment clinic in Mira Road is one of the most advanced and sophisticated skincare clinics in the city of Mumbai. Read Less