International Patient

International Patients

International Patients / Medical Tourism in India

The healthcare industry in India has transformed in recent years. The country has made rapid strides in medical tourism too. Foreign patients arrive here for health, beauty, and happiness. And Cosmed Clinic is in the forefront to deliver global quality cosmetic care.

Unbeatable Advantages

  • India is a developing nation with highly qualified, dedicated doctors.

  • State capitals and prosperous regions have world class facilities.

  • India has already captured 18% of the global medical tourism market.

  • Highly efficient treatments at lower costs lure in the foreign patients.

  • Private hospitals and cosmetic clinics cater to various budget groups.

  • Patients will have access to high quality transport and accommodation.

  • Maharashtra (Mumbai), Goa, Delhi and Tamil Nadu are the ideal destinations.

  • India has no shortage of English-speaking, educated and zestful youth.

  • The doctors are highly motivated as $6 to $9 billion are at stake.

  • Private investments assure hi-tech, IT-enabled health infrastructure.

The country also has a globally recognised pharmaceutical sector. The culture insists on treating guests with a lot of respect. So as a foreign patient, You can expect a rewarding and refreshing time. The cosmetic treatment packages include a wide range of services.

1. Clinical Services

The international Patients receive preventive and curative beauty care. They are subjected to non-invasive therapies as well as surgeries. You can undergo facelift, hair transplant, and liposuction procedures. Tummy tucks, breast implant/reduction surgeries are also performed by a reputed plastic surgeon.

Other services include body contouring, rhinoplasty (nose job), and arm lifts. Traditional, laser, and ultra sound techniques are used to treat you. These aesthetic procedures are aimed to restore complete beauty. They brighten up your face and rejuvenate the skin.

2. Safety And Support

It is natural for a foreigner to be apprehensive about medical tourism in India. We assure a less stressful stay through friendly customer support. Special packages, emergency support, ambulance service, and follow-up care are also provided.

The clinic also delivers a range of allied services to enhance safety and security.

  • Assistance in Visa formalities, travel, and hotel reservation.

  • Access to International newspapers, TV, and internet facility.

  • Nutritious food, clean water and sanitary environment.