Best Fut Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Best FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a popular hair restoration technique, where in an individual’s hair follicles are transplanted in naturally-occurring groups of one to four hairs, which are called follicular units. In advanced FUT, these small units enable the trichologist to safely and effectively transplant thousands of grafts in just a single session, which enhances the cosmetic impact of such a procedure. We offer the best FUT hair transplant in Mumbai. If you are seeking the most advanced FUT hair transplant in Mira Road, you need not look further than Cosmed Clinic. FUT hair transplant cost in Mumbai varies across clinics; however, we, at Cosmed Clinic, offer you the most pocket-friendly prices for the common person.

FUT is considered to be one of the most advanced hair transplantation procedures as the earlier technique is largely obsolete because it used larger grafts, called punch grafts, resulting in an unnatural look. In a rightly-performed advanced FUT procedure, the eventual results will mimic the pattern of natural hair growth. What’s more, it looks more natural and will be largely undetectable that a hair transplant has been performed. Cosmed Clinic is the trusted and bespoke choice of thousands of individuals who seek best FUT hair transplant in Mumbai. FUT utilizes follicular units to accomplish many objectives, including maximization of hair follicular viability, ensuring the most natural look of the performed hair transplant, ease of perfect planning when it comes to surgery, minimizing the trauma to the individual’s scalp during surgery, and the ability to perform lengthy hair transplant sessions in a single day.

Fut Hair Transplant Clinic in Mira Road

Cosmed Clinic offers end-to-end FUT hair transplant in Mira Road. Because the follicular unit is a distinct physiologic and anatomic entity, preserving it in an intact manner during the the process of graft dissection results in a good outcome post transplantation. When it comes to FUT, hair is effectively extracted from the scalp’s back in a single strip. Advanced FUT makes the hair transplant to look completely natural at both the individual follicular unit level and with regard to the overall graft distribution. Because the scalp hair generally grows in units of one to four hairs, the specific use of these naturally-occurring units in FUT procedures makes sure that each graft will be perfectly identical to the neighboring follicular units, resulting in completely natural results.

When it comes to best FUT hair transplant in Mumbai, Cosmed Clinic is the most preferred choice of thousands of individuals experiencing hair fall and hair loss. What’s more, FUT hair transplant in Mira Road gets a shot in the arm thanks to the advanced solutions offered by Cosmed Clinic. The key to a completely natural hair transplant is to have the hair follicles emerge from normal skin; therefore, an important aspect of FUT is minimization of trauma to the individual’s scalp. This can be achieved by getting rid of the excess tissue surrounding the follicular units and then accurately inserting them into recipient sites on the scalp of the individual.